Student-Run Publication Funded by GU Politics Launched to Promote Political Dialogue

THE HOYA: The student-run publication “On the Record” was launched last week to serve as an online forum for political discourse on campus. The Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service is funding the publication.

The publication was founded to promote dialogue about a range of political topics, Head Editor Caroline Gardner (COL ’20) said.

FLY ON THE WALL POD The new online student-run publication, which was launched last week, was created to promote diverse political dialogue on campus.

“We want to increase political dialogue on campus and give students a chance to write about politics, talk about how it’s affecting them in their lives, and give people a platform to start those conversations,” Gardner said.

Topics covered by the online publication will include foreign trade policy, environmental protection, the Supreme Court and political internships. The publication publishes event recaps from GU Politics events and opinion pieces written by student writers.

The publication seeks to represent ideological diversity through its content, according to General Manager Max Magid (COL ’19).

“Obviously, with opinion, we try to keep it diverse,” Magid said. “We have Republican and Democrat editors, and we try to have people talking about issues that are more unique to them and not just left/right. That’s what we’re about, and what got the whole project started.”

Members of campus groups across the political spectrum have been invited to share their thoughts on a range of topics, Magid said.

“I’ve reached out to [Georgetown University] College Democrats and [Georgetown University] College Republicans and a few other organizations on campus to make sure they’re aware that this exists, so it’s an outlet for their members, who probably have strong feelings about political developments,” Magid said.

Though the site will feature mostly opinion pieces, writers are welcome to submit pieces in a variety of writing styles, Gardner said.

“‘On the Record’ is not going to be all opinion-based writing. It’s going to be whatever students want to talk about. So it can be opinion-based writing,” Gardner said. “It can be ‘how this policy is affecting my life as a Georgetown student.’ But it can also be analysis of this policy from a nonpartisan lens.”

Despite being a student-led site, the publication accepts contributions from professors as well as GU Politics fellows, alumni and professionals, Gardner said.

“Because it’s made by students, made for students to read, and students are going to be most of the contributors, that’s how we tailor the publication,” Gardner said. “With that being said, we’d love to hear from faculty. We’d love to hear from other members of the community about what they are thinking and about what they are interpreting.”

“On the Record” is the second major publication sponsored by GU Politics, following the launch of “Fly on the Wall,” a student-run podcast that talks to politicians, journalists and government officials to understand different political decisions.

Gardner said she is looking forward to creating a bigger staff that reflects ideological diversity among students.

“You look at a political club, and you know it’s going to be virtually all of one opinion, whether that’s College Democrats, College Republicans,” she said. “I think ‘On the Record’ is an integration of both of their ideas and a way to gauge how Georgetown students are thinking about certain issues and what really matters to them. So I’m really looking forward to bringing more writers on board and getting the whole thing started.”

Max Magid