Hillary Clinton Repeatedly Critiques Current Administration While Addressing Georgetown Student Body

GU REVIEW: On Wednesday, hundreds of students and faculty members streamed into Gaston Hall to listen to Georgetown Institute of Politics The Future of Diplomacy symposium featuring the Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

Clinton, while discussing a plethora of issues involving foreign policy, diplomacy, and women, had more than a few critiques of the current administration’s handling of its international affairs. 

One of her largest critiques addressed America’s recent pulling out of the Iran Deal. 

“One of the problems we face, and the future of diplomacy faces, is the kind of pendulum swinging back and forth. In comes one administration, and throws out a carefully negotiated agreement to limit the potential of Iran getting a nuclear weapon.”

She furthered argued that choices like these made other nations question the US’s predictability and trust. 

Her judgements also extended to the current relations the United States has with Europe in regards to issues of Brexit and NATO, stating that the present positions should be a concern to any citizen, regardless of political party, and warned of the dangers that arise from these hostile relations.

“Our current administration is almost egging on the breakup of NATO and certainly insulting some of our longest allies.”

When presented with questions from Georgetown Students, Clinton continued advocating her complaints with the US’s current actions in regards to trust, credibility, and predictability. When Elliot Mack (SFS ‘22) posed the question asking what steps the next president would need to take in order to restore America’s image to the rest of the world, Clinton was not shy in voicing her concerns. 

“It will be difficult because some things will be replacable — the stroke of the pen, going back into agreements we have gotten out of. But rebuilding that trust, that credibility, that predictability, that is going to take time and sustained attention.”

A question raised by another student James Bond (SFS ‘20) in regards to President Trump pulling out of the INF treaty lead to further criticism by Clinton. 

“We should have done a better job in making it abundantly clear … that the Russians were evading their responsibilities.”

Max Magid