Five Easy Ways to Keep Up With the News On Election Night


1. Twitter

Following news sources, campaigns, and journalists is a great way to make sure you have access to the hottest races as soon as they are called. Many journalists tweet out news before they even publish the stories, hoping to get credit for the “scoop.”

2. GU Politics event in Healey

The Georgetown University Institute of Politics has election day events from a 7:00am walk to the polls with GU Votes to an election watch party in the Healey Family Student Center that ends at midnight. Keep up with the day’s events here.

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3. Websites

Top political news outlets such as Axios, Politico , Roll Call, The New York Times all have pages that will update as the results come in. Axios’s midterm election page even updates every 30 seconds, according the Axios PM email update by co-founder and executive editor Mike Allen.

Georgetown University’s The Hoya has hour by hour coverage about what’s happening here on campus. Check out On the Record tonight and tomorrow, and the rest of the week for election results, analysis and personal reflections on specific races and campaign experiences.

4. Television stations

Turn on Fox News, CNN, ABC, or any other network television station for live updates and analysis. Stream it on your laptop, or visit in Lau’s Midnight Mug or the Healey Family Student Center’s viewings. For audio coverage, check out Ari Shapiro’s live analysis on NPR.

5. VOTE! Why just follow the news when you can contribute to it? Even if you weren’t able to vote in your home state, walk over to a polling place before 8pm. The closest place to cast your ballot is one block from campus at Duke Ellington High School, located at 3500 R STREET NW.

Caroline Gardner is the head editor of On the Record. She is from the great state of Indiana. She loves media, healthcare policy and Falafel Inc on 33rd Street.

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