Time for a General Election

LIAM DOWNER-SANDERSON: A zombie parliament insists on stalemate in Westminster. Passing zero laws relevant to domestic issues and engaged in the greatest gridlock in modern political history, this parliament is now a defunct disgrace. The United Kingdom is begging for a general election, badly. Yet despite calling for one for two years, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, is now cowering in the face of a potential electoral battle with Boris Johnson. 

This is no surprise. After all, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party’s more radical elements have never been big believers in democracy. Whether it be mourning the death of a Hamas terrorist or supporting the IRA, Corbyn has proven time and time again that he does not stand with Britain’s values, but against them. Furthermore, if there is one thing that unites the British People in this divisive time, it is their stunning disapproval of him. Corbyn managed to surpass Michael Foot’s worst approval rating by four percentage points, making him the least popular opposition leader in the history of British politics, according to a recent Ipsos MORI poll.

For context, Michael Foot went on to receive the biggest Tory beating since the Second World War, handing them a 144 seat majority. It is no wonder he quivers at the thought of facing Boris Johnson when the Conservative party enjoy a 15-point lead over Labour.

The driving purpose of the opposition benches has become clear: sabotage Brexit by any means necessary, preferably without consulting the British people. The Benn-Burt bill, otherwise known as the ‘surrender bill’, has been passed to force the prime minister to seek an extension to Article 50 unless a deal is agreed and approved by the House of Commons by October 19th. This has completely destroyed the British negotiating position as the EU is banking on the UK remaining, without consensus in parliament for Theresa May’s deal or no deal.

Furthermore, recent policy prescriptions by opposition MPs have reinforced their fanatical crusade to stop Brexit entirely. For example, the Liberal Democrats finally admitted their real intentions, by stating their policy was now to revoke Article 50 and ignore the result of any referendum.  This is filthy and blatantly anti-democratic. Ironically, a vote for the Liberal Democrats has become a vote against a democratic mandate. Meanwhile, Labour are still struggling with their characteristically vague Brexit policy which may or may not involve supporting remain in a second referendum.  

The 31st of October, the date Britain is meant to leave the European Union, is nigh. If the opposition continue to refuse a general election and delay Brexit, that date may go down as more sinister than a typical Halloween. With pro-Brexit rallies already organized in Parliament Square, clashes could break out. Either through conflict with remain supporters or confrontation with the law, violence might occur out of frustration. Like in the United States, divisiveness is exploding and distrust in the democratic process is spreading. Let this go on for much longer and the prospects of the U.K. parliamentary system, and thence the country as a whole, shall grow grimmer and more permanent.  

I conclude with Luke 23:34: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Jeff Cirillo