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Are you a strong writer?  Do you love GU Politics and  seek the maximum level of involvement? If this is the case then the position of editor is for you.

In this role you will get to work closely with GU Politics staff members to ensure all our articles comply to our standards and advance the mission of the institute.  You will not only have a say in editing all submitted articles, but you will also have a say in the formatting of the website and the direction of On the Record.

In this position you have the option of writing articles if you would like to, but you have no requirements to do so.  We will have two editors read through each article before we submit it, and the workload will be divided fairly.  This position is a time commitment but it comes with the opportunity to become a leader in the GU Politics community.

To apply, fill out and submit the application below.  You may apply for more than one section.  We can't wait to work with you to continue building On the Record!